An incomplete list of some things I’ve worked on outside of jobs and school that aren’t mentioned in the blog. All of the projects have their own GitHub repository of code either on my profile or one of the organizations on my profile.


I graduated and started my career as a data scientist!


Do you want to play multiplayer cooperative Wordle? What about if it was Ouija board themed? Well, I wanted to and made it a reality one weekend over spring break. You can play it here. Feel free to tweet your teams’ scores at me.


I got my first industry research job!


Winner of the Acceleration Consortium’s hackathon. Reflection high-energy electron diffraction (RHEED) is a popular technique for monitoring the growth of high-quality thin films during molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), a fundamental technique in nanotechnology development. Researchers use tedious, manual tools to analyze RHEED data. Current workflows are slow, non-transferable, and not reproducible. We developed an interface for researchers to upload, organize, automatically preprocess, visualize, and analyze their RHEED data in 24 hours.


Accepted paper at EAAI 2022. Ludus is a framework for automated balancing of auto battler games, such as Teamfight Tactics, Hearthstone Battlegrounds, and Dota Underlords. In this framework, the balancing process is an optimization problem where the search space is traversed via simulation. We present the results of experiments applying Ludus to the real-life scenario of releasing units in consecutive sets and using a simulation sampling technique to reduce the cost of optimization.


I turned 18 years old!


A multiplayer trivia game named after a classmate’s quote on Jeopardy!. I created the playable webapp, a tutorial, and open-source community version where anyone can contribute to learn by doing! Playing the role of Alex Trebek at App Developers Club Fall Kickoff brought me great joy.


Implemented the Advantage-Actor-Critic (A2C) algorithm to improve the performance of an LSTM trained on user inputs by defeating two additional enemies. It plays in real time, but it can’t beat Mike Tyson yet. Perhaps letting it play frame-by-frame or using a decision transformer could make that possible?

Gopher Tunneler

A webapp to help students navigate the notoriously labyrinthine system of underground tunnels at the University of Minnesota called the ‘Gopher Way.’ I taught collaborative programming with git and GitHub along with React development to our team of engineering students inexperienced with programming.


A hackathon submission I made with my partners to Caltech’s hackathon. We won ‘Best Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision Hack’, ‘Best Social Good Hack’, and ‘Best Hack Using Machine Learning’ awarded by Citadel. While we didn’t end up working on the project, past the 36 hours of the hackathon, it did give me a good excuse to play around with the computational chemistry package rdkit, webscraping PubMed, Flask web development, and deploying on Google Cloud Platform. I’m no longer hosting the webapp live, but you can read a more comprehensive write-up and view more of images of the website here.


I got paid to engineer software for the first time!


I graduated high school!

Cold Crisp Catnap

A vanilla JavaScript webgame I made as I was learning JavaScript. Ready Player One and its featured classic text-adventure game ZORK was fresh in my mind. You can play the game and find my easter eggs here. I have since learned about text parsing and frontend frameworks, so I plan to remake this one.